Win Gold with your Kids using these Olympic Inspired Recipes

Win Gold with your Kids using these Olympic Inspired Recipes

We LOVE the the Olympic Games at Rocknife HQ. Our office really is a family affair, especially during the Summer Holidays; so we’ve come up with some of our favourite little-people-pleasers that might *just* steel you 5 minutes away to watch your favourite event. Click here for the Rio 2016 Event Schedule

The Brazilian Lemonade YUM, This recipe is taken straight from Natasha’s Kitchen Blog and it’s a real winner. A simple, clean and zingy alternative to the sugar-laden traditional Lemonade recipes. Get you’re favourite Rocknife out to cut those soft limes once you’ve removed the zest from the outside.

The Olympic Ring Bagel Bar

Who doesn’t love a Bagel?! Healthy(ish) and delicious. 5 toppings, each representing an Olympic Ring turns lunchtime into a fun activity to do with your children! Chop, slice and dice with your Rocknife while you provide an informative Q&A session into why there are 5 Olympic Rings. Meanwhile, let the little ones decorate the Olympic-inspired Bagels in whichever way their creative minds take them. You don’t have to stick to the toppings shown here, tailor it to suit your brood.

Brazilian Inspired Corn on the Cob

Wow, This authentic Brazilian recipe is absolutely delicious and really something special. Barbecued corn on the cob with coriander, lime, garlic mayonnaise and parmesan cheese is a healthy addition to any plate. Give the cobs a bit of a kick by adding Jalapeno peppers for those with a slightly more mature palette. Use your Rocknife to cut those bigger cobs down for smaller hands. Find the recipe here on From Brazil to You

Olympic Torch Popcorn

This Tartertots and Jello recipe for Olympic Flame Popcorn Cups is a crafters dream, get the kids into the spirit of the Olympics by making their very own Torch! For an extra-added bonus, why not dye your popcorn the colour of the country you’re supporting and have you’re very own relay race in the back garden.. Top Tip: Use your Rocknife to quickly score and cut the paper

Oh so sweet Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe

Extremely popular in Brazil, this Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe from Petite Elefant is a very fresh and sweet, with a touch of tart, pudding that we know everyone will want more off!! Voila…your Olympic days are sorted keeping the kids occupied while you embrace the last of the Summer Rays, so to finish up, here’s one for the adults…

Avuá Pan Am

Created by Cervantes Ramirez - Little Branch 2oz. Avuá Cachaça Amburana ½ oz. Cointreau ¼ oz. dry vermouth Stir with ice, and strain onto a large ice cube in a low ball glass. Swipe rim of glass with orange peel, squeeze, and drop into the glass. The Rocknife Team @ HQ


All of these recipes are quick to do and easy for children to take part in preparing the food. Our ceramic kitchen knives are very sharp, so when using them to prepare any elements in these recipes, please be careful to keep little fingers away.

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