Wild garlic heaven!

Wild garlic heaven!

Who else absolutely loves garlic?

Has anyone been to a woodland filled with this wonderful wild herb and been totally hit by the most amazing sight and smell?

Here in Mere, Wiltshire, we are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing and breathtaking countryside. For a few weeks of the year the woodland floors are carpeted with this gorgeous, wild herb freely available for anyone who adores garlic.

I’ve even tried it raw whilst I've been out picking, just snap a little leaf off and taste it there and then, you can't get a more fresh and intense flavour than that!

Thankyou everyone for your feedback, I’ve had so many amazing suggestions from you on social media and have enjoyed hearing about how you liked to use this beautiful natural resource. You have been busy making pesto, pasta and even oven roasted chicken wrapped in fresh garlic leaves, there is so much I want to try.

So that I could enjoy this wonderful garlic flavour for a little bit longer, I took the advice of Kate Humble, from her latest tv show. If you can't use it all up in one go, or you want to keep some for later, wash and dry the leaves before leaving in a warm place to dry.  Once dry, I powdered all my surplus wild garlic leaves by rubbing them through a sieve and stored them in an airtight jar to use when they are not around anymore. 

This week I made a simple pasta dish, a pasta dish which I often cooked when I was at university, quick, easy and super tasty!

I started with chopped bacon, lightly fried with a few big bulbs of normal garlic and olive oil, this was stirred over a medium heat until the bacon was slightly browned. I then added in a few large handfuls of spaghetti, cooked al dente, before adding a generous dollop of tomato ketchup. Season with salt and pepper to your taste. I finely chopped with a Rocknife naturally, a large handful of my freshly picked wild garlic and tossed it all together just before serving to ensure that the fresh leaves are not overcooked.

The pasta dish was served up with some beautiful and fiery edible wild garlic flowers - simple perfection. 

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The perfect kitchen tool to help you chop all your wild garlic. Enjoy!


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