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Chef's Do That

Our spoof on classic "Chef's do that" from the film "The Long Kiss Goodnight"
mixed up with black and white silent movie action "The Artist"

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Mix 'n' Match

Customise your knife set in the colours you love
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Pro Kitchen

Professional Chef's Knives in eye-watering designs
grogeous colours and ultra sharp
Game, Set and Match

Wimbledon 2021

We'll serve you an ace 30% off on all Pink and Lime throughout Wimbledon

Rocknife brings a whole new world of designs, style and satisfaction to your kitchen. Made from hardened Zirconium Oxide (Ceramic). Our Ceramic Knives are far sharper than steel and remain that sharp for years to come. With an eye-catching design, elite quality and beautiful craftsmanship, a Rocknife Ceramic Knife is an essential piece of kitchenware for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Welcome to the Rocknife Revolution.

Spring Time
Rock your wedding
Choose from any of our sets for the perfect wedding gift, as we come out of lockdown
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The perfect slice

Take one tomato, add chopping board, now choose your Rocknife and with a gentle slicing motion, finally cut your tomato - no chopping required.

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Knives In evolution

RK Questionnaire Blog Post
Wild garlic heaven!
Just like magic!