Food Festivals to attend this month

Food Festivals to attend this month

June in the UK is a fantastic time for food lovers, with loads of fun festivals that celebrate cuisines from around the world. If you’re up for a culinary adventure, here’s a taste of what you can enjoy:

Imagine spending a sunny day in a park, sampling dishes from some of the best restaurants. Trying everything from gourmet Italian pasta to spicy Indian curries, all in one place. There are also cooking classes and live demos from top chefs, making it a great day out for foodies.

Taking place in various locations like London and Edinburgh, the Foodies Festival is all about diversity. You can stroll through the Street Food Avenue and try Thai, Mexican, Greek, and more. There are also masterclasses with celebrity chefs, live music, and plenty of drinks to enjoy.

The Great British Food festival travels around the country, often setting up in beautiful historic locations. It’s a great family event with a mix of British classics and international eats. Think Mexican street food, American BBQ, and Mediterranean snacks. Plus, there are cooking competitions and fun activities for the kids.

In the heart of Edinburgh, this festival brings together the best of Scottish and international food. You can munch on Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern kebabs, or some amazing Asian fusion dishes while enjoying the festive atmosphere. It's a perfect blend of local charm and global flavours.

Did you know that Bristol turns into a foodie haven with this festival. It’s all about celebrating local food with a twist of international flair. From seafood feasts to vegan delights and Caribbean jerk to Indian curries, there’s something for everyone. The festival also hosts workshops and street food markets, making it a lively and educational experience.

These festivals – Taste of London, Edinburgh Food Festival, The Great British Food Festival, Bristol Food Connections, and Foodies Festival – are just some of the highlights in June. They offer a delicious way to explore the world’s cuisines without leaving the UK!

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Food Festivals to attend this month
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