Starting a Business - Become a Rocknife Partner

Starting a Business - Become a Rocknife Partner

As I sit here writing this I am also accompanying my son with his Live homeschooling.

Each on our devices working from home. Lockdown 3 life as we know it!

I hope everyone is doing well.

Are you juggling work, homeschooling and daily life or do you have extra time on your hands at the moment?

At Rocknife we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and imaginative individuals with fun personalities to help extend and to expand our brand identity.

Our brand is funky, sleek and vibrant. We are as fun and as quirky we sell through our imagination and marketing. Rocknife brings a whole new world of designs, style and satisfaction to your kitchen.

Take a look on our website

See what you think!

How would you like to be part of our valuable Rocknife team?

Do you fancy becoming a Rocknife Partner?

Here’s an opportunity to run your own business. Join our team and help us sell Rocknife.

It is easy, low risk - it will be as successful as the energy you put into it.

Partnership Benefits

  • Free to join
  • Partnership discount at 30%
  • Training (practical and easy straight forward training to get you set up)
  • Shared marketing materials for write up/social media all in your own style & followers
  • Continuous support from the Rocknife team, it really can be a lot of fun too!

Why don’t you get in touch now and we can give you more information.

Contact: or

We are also doing some great offers on our website if you would like to purchase one of our super sharp funky stylish ceramic knives for yourself to try out first before you are tempted into being one of our team!

All our orders will still be in accordance with the current UK Government Coronavirus Guidance. All our knives and chopping boards are always handled with care and hygiene when wrapping and packing your orders, and shipped by only one person.

Safety for everyone is our priority.

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