Which Rocknife do you Recommend for Carving?

Which Rocknife do you Recommend for Carving?

This simple question was presented to us in the run up to the 2015 Christmas Shopping Season as people start considering what presents to give their loved ones this year. It’s a great question. Which knife is good for carving a Sunday Roast, I could write an essay, but actually the most important consideration with a Ceramic Knife is the care needed for joints with bones… resiling with a Christmas Turkey or Easter Lamb, just needs extra care…

The bones can be a problem as they may chip or nick a ceramic blade and also the action of sideways levering (if you ever do that) or twisting causing considerable stress on the blade as Ceramic is after all just a form of china. Now the good news, Roast Beef, carving or anything that requires a lovely slicing action is perfect for a Rocknife… Steak, Chop or Carpaccio are all ideal for Rocknives. The number one selling size of kitchen knife in the USA is an 8 inch version…

bigger the better, we British prefer a more sedate 6 inch and in our household that was our regular chef’s knife, until the 8 inch arrived. In answer to the question, it depends what you’re cutting, take care when it comes to bones, but otherwise I think for carving bigger the better. I hope this helps. Lastly, we're delighted to offer you a 30% discount in case you decide to go for it… just use the coupon code CUTME30 when you checkout on our website.

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