Where is Spring?

Where is Spring?

When spring comes after a lot of storms and rain, you can see signs of new life everywhere. Even with all the bad weather, nature still finds a way to show us that things are changing for the better.

One big sign that spring is here is all the green stuff popping up. The rain makes the ground wet, and suddenly, plants that looked dead start growing again. It's like the world is getting a fresh coat of paint.

You can also hear birds singing loudly, despite the noise of the rain. They're back from flying south for the winter, and they're happy to be home. Their songs remind us that things are getting better.

Another sign is the smell of flowers in the air. After the rain, you can catch whiffs of blossoms carried by the wind. Flowers like cherry blossoms and daffodils start blooming, adding color to the world.

Animals come out of hiding too. Squirrels start playing around in the trees, and butterflies flutter around the flowers. They seem to be having a good time, showing us that spring is a time to enjoy life.

When the sun finally comes out, everything looks even better. The storms might have been rough, but they've helped make the world greener and more beautiful. Spring reminds us that even after tough times, good things can still happen. Enjoy life!

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