Weekly Flash Sales - 2 days ONLY

Weekly Flash Sales - 2 days ONLY

Happy New Year everyone

May 2022 be an awesome year where we slowly get back to some kind of normal again!

We are so excited to reveal a big idea we have from the RK HQ

Each week we will be offering you a FLASH SALE for 2 days.

Every Thursdays and Friday you can get a discount of up to 50% OFF on all Rocknife products.

This is huge, we will be offering a discount on top of a discount.

We will be running a 30% discount on our website and then, by using a special offer code, you will be able to receive another 20% on TOP of the 30% - giving you a total of 50%

This 50% will be available each Thursday and Friday for the rest of January and into February. The offer code you need to remember is: FLASH2

Only by using this code you will receive a 20% discount EXTRA on top of our 30% sale on our website www.rocknife.co

So type in FLASH20 at the end of your checkout and the EXTRA discount will automatically apply

So make the most of each week for ONLY 2 days to grab yourself a great discount and own a new Rocknife, or buy one as a gift for a birthday, wedding or student at university.

Rocknife is crafted to give perfect dicing, slicing, chopping and cutting each time, making prep work easy. Every one of our knives are individually gift boxed and all have a protective cover on each one

Rocknife is open for online orders now via our website www.rocknife.com

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