Tomato Cutting hacks PT2!

Tomato Cutting hacks PT2!

We are back with more on tomato cutting. Since our last blog, we've had messages asking for suggestions on best ways to cut various size tomatoes, particularly with our ceramic Rocknives. The sun is finally out, hopefully to stay, eating outdoors has finally arrived, let's bring out the salads. So this month’s blog we will be looking at the different ways to cut various sized tomatoes for your salads.

With the small sweet cherry tomatoes:

Halve them: Simply slice the cherry tomatoes in half horizontally. Quarter them: Cut the cherry tomatoes in half horizontally, then cut each half in half again.

Medium-sized tomatoes: If you want slices: Use your Rocknife to cut the tomato into even slices. Start by cutting off the stem end and then slice the tomato into desired thickness. Maybe you like them as wedges, if so cut the tomato in half vertically, then cut each half into wedges.

When it comes to the large beefsteak tomatoes: Use your sharp Rocknife  in a similar way for cutting medium to large sized tomatoes, start by cutting off the stem end, and then slice the tomato horizontally into even slices. Cubes or chunks: Cut off the stem end, then cut the tomato into slices. Stack the slices and cut them into cubes or chunks.

The size and shape of the tomato cuts may vary depending on the recipe you're preparing. For salads, you may prefer larger slices or wedges, while smaller pieces work well for sauces or salsas.

Tomatoes are delicate, so use a gentle and steady pressure when cutting to maintain their shape and prevent excessive juice loss.

A sharp knife will make clean cuts and prevent crushing the tomatoes. This is where our ceramic Rocknife will be the perfect choice. We have 5 different sizes, allowing you to pick the ideal size for your preference when cutting, they are available in 6 gorgeous colours to choose from. Visit our website for more details and all deliveries are free in the UK.

We hope this blog has helped or encouraged you to enjoy them as it is the beginning the right reason to enjoy them. Remember to always exercise caution when handling sharp objects like knives, and be mindful of your fingers while cutting tomatoes. Rocknife is sharp but we supply our unique plasters just in case!

Shop now and enjoy creating your salads with Rocknife this summer!

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