The 8 Inch Ceramic Blade Has Arrived

The 8 Inch Ceramic Blade Has Arrived

Time to make an annoucement - we’re delighted to bring you our 8 inch Ceramic Kitchen Chef’s Professional Knife, call it what you will a 8″ Blade, Kitchen Knife or Ceramic Knife - this eight inch ceramic blade will become your firm friend in the kitchen.

We didn’t really understand why a bigger knife would make a difference until we got our hands on these, the effect is remarkable, we knew that in the USA the fastest selling kitchen knife was 8 inches, but that’s America where everything is bigger - right?

But there is a difference and we will pick up on more differences the more we use them, rght now we’ve noticed how lightweight these Rocknives are - easy to lift, easy to control and now I get it - with a large steel knife it’s unweildly - with a Rocknife big is great.

Tomatoes slice beautifully, a heafty cabbage is easily (but carefully) dealt with, Bread is a dream - so many people have asked if they can geta Ceramic Bread Knife - now you can. Melons, Watermelons and large fruit cut beautifully.

But it is so worth noting that small fruit and veg work as well, the blade is designed to be all-purpose and it works, fine herbs, onions (Ceramic dramtically reduces the tears), strawberries, we’ve tested our new bigger kitchen knife on everything we can get our hands on - it really is a winner.

If you have a Ceramic Knife of any age or description that is 8 inches please leave us your feedback and let us know how you get on with your larger Kitchen Knives.

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