Sharpening Ceramic Knives

Sharpening Ceramic Knives

One of the most common things you will hear about Ceramic Knives is that they stay sharper for longer than steel knives. The Ceramic used for knives is not made from the same sort of Ceramic that you might have at home in China, vases or pottery form. Rocknife use Zirconium Oxide Ceramic that is compressed under a whopping 400 tonnes of pressure and then sintered, in three stages at a very intense heat to harden the blade. It is this process that allows a ceramic blade to become almost 50% harder than steel knives!

What makes our knives really special, is the tiny Yttrium fibres running horizontally across the blade allowing a flexibility that you just don’t find it most Ceramic knives on the high street making them less breakable and more hard-wearing.

To check your knife’s sharpness, the easiest way is simply to look around your kitchen for a fruit or vegetable with a slick surface – a tomato, an onion with the peel attached or a pepper. Something that might bruise easily. You should be able to easily cut into the surface of your chosen food by moving the knife across it with very little pressure… It should make clean slices that keep the integrity of the fruit vegetable allowing you to get creative!

The ultimate knife sharpness test.. The next test to show if your knife is dull or blunt is also just as simple – can it cut paper? Grab up a piece of regular photocopier paper (as shown in our homemade GIF at Rocknife HQ) and hold your ceramic knife perpendicular to its edge.

If your knife can slice through it cleanly and with very little effort on your part, then it’s a success! Once you discovered that you have the sharpest knife in town, you’ll want to keep it that way. Rocknife’s guide to Caring for Ceramic Knives offers a number of tips to help keep that ceramic knife sharp and ready for action every single day. The Rocknife Team @ HQ

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  • amanda willson

    my rocknife is blunt please advise, it is around 5 years old

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