Rocknives Go Sharp

Rocknives Go Sharp

How to iterate just how sharp a Rocknife is. It will literally slice anything. I was thinking about this earlier today, and when you’ve had a Rocknife for a while it’s extraordinary how used to it you get.

Trying to think of all the things we use them for and the mind boggles.  We keep ours in the purpose designed stand, it came with the ability to be free standing or screwed to the wall. We mounted ours on the wall. But it’s almost never full of the various sizes we have.

There’s always a couple in the washing up or dishwasher or of course being used. And that’s the ultimate recommendation of any kitchen knife when you think about it, what is the knife you reach for most commonly? and then you ask yourself why do I always go for that one.

The reasons are multiple, but I can probably guess a few: Sharpness - has to be the main reason for liking a Kitchen Knife Comfort - it’s so convenient and usefully to use a light and versatile knife that fits into your hand easily Reliability - A Kitchen Knife has to be known, and once known you’ll reach for it again and again. So next time you reach for a Kitchen Knife - think am I reaching for the sharpest, most comfortable and reliable knife I can. Rocknives go Sharp.

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