Rocknife Wild Camping

Rocknife Wild Camping

Good luck with all the children heading back to school.

Hope everyone had a fantastic summer holiday, did anyone go wild camping?

The thought of unplugging from daily chores, routines and immersing yourself in the countryside, or by the side of a mountain, in the woods with a calming stream or river running next to you, waking up to songbirds and fresh air. At night keeping warm with a fire underneath some stars.

But what is actually considered wild camping and where can you do it?

Unfortunately in the UK, Scotland is the only place you can legally wild camp.

It normally involves setting up your small camp outside of a campsite or caravan park and sleeping in your tent in the wilderness amongst trees, by a hedge in a field. 

Sometimes it's as simple as just going backpacking through the wilderness, a long trail hike or run across the hills. Maybe going down a river with a kayak or in the sea, just cruising on a small raft, you’ll be surprised how wonderful that can feel.

On other occasions you could be doing a multi-day hike to your ideal location or fancy a mini adventure sleeping in nature near a beach or even very occasionally on a beach to achieve that small wilderness experience.

There is a rule that everyone must abide by with wild camping, in every case ideally you will create minimum impact on your desired location, so it still remains natural and wild when you’ve gone. Even better still, you should leave the area so no one can tell you've even been there.

Although summer is almost over, autumn can be a beautiful time to go wild camping or just enjoy the wilderness when it is less hot and is surrounded by all the autumnal colours. 

Go wild, be safe and enjoy.

A sharp Rocknife with a protective cover can be very useful for when you do decide to go wild adventuring, with food preparation al fresco. 

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