Rocknife on the Rocks

Rocknife on the Rocks

In March I escaped down to the South Coast for my birthday. I only discovered Christchurch about a year or so ago since we moved to Mere in Wiltshire and fell in love with the rocky undulating Jurassic coastline down in Dorset. It was the perfect location to treat myself to an early morning run. With the still of the ocean, the empty beaches and the cool sea breeze.

Later on I headed back down to the beach with a handful of Rocknives, knowing this is also the perfect location to use for a shoot with the knives. The bright colourful light weight handles of each knife sat so beautifully on the seaweed covered rocks. The rocky shore was composed of deposited sediments including sand, rocks, shells, algae, and pretty pebbles. Getting to parts of the rocks were a little precarious, being extra careful not to slip with super sharp knives in my hand! Luckily each knife comes with its own protective cover for easy storage, it also helps to stop the knife being chipped and therefore will stay sharp for longer. The different backgrounds available to use was fantastic.

Our unique black and white check pattern on the blade stood out amongst the emerald green algae covered rocks at the water’s edge, shells and pebbles, capturing the waves lapping against the rocks needed timing and patience. Amazingly I came across a large rock with perfectly shape grooves on one side of the rock surface. It was ideal for me to sit a few Rocknives in to the ready made knife shape holders! I was able to compose the image of a Knife on a Rock as planned. This was definitely a fun and unusual location shoot… Rock - knife…see what I did there!!!

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