Rocknife is open for Online Orders

Rocknife is open for Online Orders

Electrox Water with every order

Although lockdown looks to be easing off in certain parts of the UK, we hope everyone is still keeping safe and well in this worrying and uncertain time. We are doing the best we can to slowly go back to a new normal. We have seen a rise in home cooking, with many of you creating delicious home meals and enjoying extra family time.

We are pleased to say Rocknife has seen an increase in sales during the lockdown with many more people taking to cooking and baking. It helps to have a set of good quality sharp knives to reach for each time you do any food preparation. All our blades are stain proof and are easily wiped clean leaving no trace of odour or rust, a common issue with other types of knives. The ceramic edge won’t react with any food acids and so won’t leave any residue as it slices through cleanly. The result is food lasts longer and stays fresh after being chopped. Let us at Rocknife help you make most of your time in the kitchen when preparing food, baking and cooking for the family.

Take a look and why not treat yourself to a new super sharp ceramic knife for your home cooking or even go for a set of four. We have offers on selected colours. Rocknife have teamed up with Electrox. Electrox Sterilising Water is an ecological disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses, spores, microbes and pathogens significantly faster than traditional chlorine bleach and other disinfectants. Electrox is food safe, harmless to humans and animals and leaves no taste or odour.

All Rocknife orders will receive a FREE 100ml bottle of Electrox Disinfecting Spray. We look forward to your orders with free p&p we will endeavor to have them out to you within 1-5 working days. All our orders will be in accordance with the current UK Government Coronavirus Guidance. All our knives and chopping boards are always handled carefully, wearing protective gloves and a face mask when wrapping and packing your orders, and shipped by only one person. Safety for everyone is our priority. Choose your Rocknife today!

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