Rocknife gets a makeover - new colours

Rocknife gets a makeover - new colours

It seems a while ago Spring time, when the team sat down to discuss which colours should be added to the Rocknife range of ceramic knives. A vibrant orange or a sophisticated grey, yellow, blue or should that be turquoise?

After much deliberation and little consensus we called it a day. So much for democracy. A week later we reconvened and opinions had crystallised towards the blue and grey. However, which shade of grey and is it blue or turquoise? On carrying out some research on colours grey was considered composed whereas blue confident. That sounded good as remember these colours had to sit alongside the vibrant lime green, the bright pink, determined black and radiant red knives already in the Rocknife range.

With the order placed in June summer had already come and gone and then the rain arrived and wind and more rain and that was just August. Late in the month the eagerly awaited new order arrived and the excitement in the office was at fever pitch. The boxes unpacked the first blue and grey handled knives were removed from their snug homes and looked radiant in the flickering fluorescent light. All agreed a wise choice had been made and then it dawned on us that we needed to list the new colours on our website. Dotty the Jack Russell was instructed to guard the new knives while work was undertaken on the web changes.

The existing knives were asked if they could shuffle around so that everything looked great and the new colours were given top billing. We then had a dilemma with listing the mixed coloured set of knives. Before it was simple, the four different colours meant one of each size could make up the set that comes with a free stand. Now we have six to choose from. Solution, you can now pick and mix the colours you want from a remarkable drop down box. So go and take a look at the website to see the new grey and blue knives … or is that aqua blue or turquoise. You decide.

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