Recovery from the Christmas Break

Recovery from the Christmas Break

All Christmas it was choppin’ and a slicin’. I was so busy I was. Everyone wanted to use me as I am the sharpest guy in the kitchen and all the muggles seem to have a crush on me. Then all of a sudden wham bam, silence. The kiddies had gone back to school, the man about the house had left for work and it was just me all alone.

Except when the Mrs came snivelling into the kitchen in her dressing gown, slippers, woolly scarf and hat. She picked me up rather clumsily, I thought, and used me to slice a lemon. Poor love she had a stinker of a cold. Sneezin’ and a sniffin’.

No wonder she was poorly after all that cookin’ and a cleanin’ in December. I can’t wait for the more normal routine of life and to be used again for other jobs, not just a lemon!

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