Pimms anyone?

Pimms anyone?


Wimbledon is back! Glastonbury is back!

It definitely feels like Summer has returned!

We have two weeks of Wimbledon to enjoy. If you like Tennis or even if Tennis is not your thing, don’t you find you just can’t help getting into the swing of the rackets, drinking Pimms, eating strawberries and cream? Fingers crossed the beautiful sunshine will stay out for the duration and we never need to pull the cover over centre court!

Here are some Tennis Fun Facts for you

  • Did you know that before tennis players used rackets, people would just use the palm of their hands to hit the ball back and forth over the net
  • The yellow tennis balls we see today actually used to be white 
  • Globally, I bet you didn’t know that Tennis is most popular in Australia 
  • During a match, a tennis player would run on average about 3 miles. Finally the longest Tennis match took over 11 hours and 5 minutes

Summer 2022 seems to be a great year for strawberries picking. Has anyone been to a P.Y.O yet? Right now strawberries are in abundance and is the prime time for picking, either in your own back garden or at a farm. If you live in Wiltshire and the surrounding areas I highly recommend Ansty Farm to pick your strawberries. They are beautifully grown and easy to pick as all the beds are raised up for effortless picking! 

Our little 3” and 4” Rocknife are absolutely ideal for trimming the stalks off the tops of each strawberry before you eat them. Perfect way to encourage your little ones to munch on fresh hand picked strawberries as a snack or packed into their lunch boxes for school, which I personally do, stored in a small insulated flask to keep the fruit cool in the hotter days.

Go and shop now, visit www.rocknife.com and grab a colourful super sharp ceramic knife.

We have offers of 30% off on selected colours.

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