Merits of a Rocknife Stand

Merits of a Rocknife Stand

I feel like this could be one of life’s most boring Posts out there, I mean what merits can I possibly think of for a Rocknife Standing. You know us - we’re knowing in the industry for slightly funny, oddly dodgy, peculiar ways of doing things - I mean why would we even begin to write a serious news story on our Stands! OKay - any one listen to Radio 4′s HashTag Love? - It brought listeners Social Media into the story-line, by having specific points in the Valentines Day Drama, the listeners were able to decide the out come of the story.

Same here - if anyone wants to HashTag #displaystand go for it… I’ll be watching (or you might have to email me to let me know you’ve some something) an I’ll pop it in here. Free Display Stand Mock-Up > #tradeshow #displaystand #mockuppsd #psd #freebie #displaybooth #kiosk OK - that might no have been quite right… but I’ll replace it with one of your Rocknife HashTags. Merits merits merits - what can I say - perspex, hmmm yes there are made of Perspec - that’s an oil based by-product that won’t help the Planet’s environment, apparently more land is chewed up in Canada than anywhere else in the world at the moment. Damian designed it - that’s a plus - we knew what we wanted and Damian got out his pencil and tried to draw a circle. it when a bit squiffy and then we chopped in half and made the two sides as it were.

There’s a black piece of plastic in the middle that is about the width of the 6inch Rocknife. The screws are quite interesting - we debated quite a long time over those, essentially if you stand the Display Stand left to right to don’t see the screws, but turn it around and you will… We actually had a customer write a Review (Can you write one of those for us - They basically claimed that the Product was not at described because in the Product Photos on our website the Display Stands are shown left to right without screws, but for some reason our factory churned our a bunch of Display Stands the other way around.

Moving quickly on… are you into DIY - you should be - it will be Easter soon and pretty much everyone reading this Blog Post (yes all three of you (share share share)) will be thinking what home improvements you might get going on. Well now - let me tell you - not only does our Rocknife Display Stand stand up by itself, but if you nimbly unscrew the base from the bottom you can use the supplied plugs and screws to secure the Display Stand on the wall.

All you need is a spirit level, drill, posi-drive drill, pencil, permission from your partner and off you go. Or you can get someone round to do it for you. It’s terribly clever and complicated, but the effect is dramatic unlike clearing the drains - this is something you can really show off to people and talk about. Rocknives are gorgeous with Cheese - something to do with the way they cut so well I think. But over the cheese course you can just point out the handiwork you did over Easter as it will be up there shinning on the wall.

All in all there’s not a lot more I can say about the Rocknife Display Stand, forgive me spelling mistake and grammar (or please correct me) - if in doubt share this with someone - we all want to know about Display Stands ad if you’re really daring please Share a photo of yours. Once you work out how the blessed camera on your phone works. Do I sound like a old man!

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