Last Day at Spirit of Christmas

Last Day at Spirit of Christmas

Well actually that’s not quite true, it’s the last big day of shopping at the Spirit of Christmas - if you want a free ticket into the Show - then by all means call us and we’ll see what we can arrange.

I might also sneakily add we are also giving passing customers some of our legendary Rocknife Plasters (in case you cut yourself on the sharpness of a Rocknife). Apart from being highly useful around the kitchen - the Plasters have a discount code on them. So even if you didn’t buy a Rocknife at the Show - you can still order online and get a discount to boot. And you don’t have to carry anything home - it will arrive in the post.

In fact this is getting ridiculous, don’t bother going to the show - using the discount code will get you your Rocknives cheaper online including the free postage. It’s win win win… you get your Rocknives - without even getting out of bed if you have your phone, ipad or computer to hand, no need to be accosted by thousands of other shoppers out there, or to wait in the queues that form outside our stall, or to pick and choose. Just go for it order online.

Oh - and did we tell you about our 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee… Not only is this a warranty on the quality of the Manufacturing, where we will replace fully any Rocknife for defects (hardly ever happens), but equally if you’re not happy, you don’t like th design in real life or you think the Rocknife is not as sharp as we say it is. Just return it for a no quibble full refund. I don’t think you can do better than that.

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