Knife Too Sharp - you need our New Knife Bluntenting Service

Knife Too Sharp - you need our New Knife Bluntenting Service

We have in the past experienced a high volume of customers complaining that our Rocknives are way too Sharp! We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to announced our Knife Bluntening Service.  A Service that promises to make your knife duller than a James Blunt track.

What's Included

Let our Technicians handle your request, send us your Way-Too-Sharp-Knives and our fully trained operators will do a beautiful job of bluntening the knife down, they'll grind away with their tools as if on Grinder itself!

"We can't believe so many people find Rocknife knives so unbelievably sharp, it's just back to the grindstone for us every time." - Damian (Chief Grinder Quality Control).

Once completed, our customer service team will pop the dull knive back in a SAE and post it out to you.  You can then merrily keep chopping tomatoes and onions with your now considerably less sharp Rocknife.

How to Get the Knife Bluntening Service

Just buy online for the cut price value of only £9.99... then follow the instructions and send your Rocknife back to us.  Our address is, Beaumont Busienss Centre, Woodlands Road, Mere, BA12 6BT.

Guy says - "Please don't forget to send us your Stamped Addressed Return Envelope for us to send back your super dulll Rocknife to you afterwards".

Why are we offering this service?

It's all too much for our business to cope with, we just get way more complaints about the sharpness than we do about them being blunt.  We didn't really want to offer a Knife Bluntening Service, but there you go - that's capitalism and consumerism, we always follow what our customers and research tells us.

Our extensive research has found only a couple of methods that are capable of totally dulling our super sharp ceramic blades.  These involve a mix of grinding, sandpapering, brick scraping and iron filing.  We do not recommend you try this at home.  The skill is in making sure the Rocknife does not snap, it is after all as fagile as a china plate.

From this point forwards we don't want to be receiving any more finger tips and blood stained emails from our less careful customers.  It was shocking when the first photos emerged of accidents and gory stories.  But our hope is with this new service - these things will be a thing fo the past.

Exclusive Extra

For a limited time we will be offering an additional extra for the same £9.99 price, you can now send us any Kitchen Knife that is too sharp and we will blunten that one as well.  Because we're an all encompassing company we will not discrimnate against any brand.  So make use of this special offer, it won't last.

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