Keeping warm and cosy this Autumn

Keeping warm and cosy this Autumn

We are starting to feel the cooler early mornings and nights slowly creeping in now that October is here. There are many ways in which we can try to keep ourselves from the cold at home and at work.

Little steps make a huge difference. Try wearing layers from soft cardigans, jumpers and hoodies to jackets, they help to trap the air between each item of clothing that acts as a source of insulation.

If you’re working in a cold office or building, fingerless gloves can be a great help or even invest in a heated blanket when you’re sitting at your desk for a long time. You can look awesome and cool in a warm hat and scarf, they can be very beneficial to keep you cosy and not just for the outdoors.

Keeping the body warm with plenty of hot drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate or just hot water with a slice of lemon or a spoonful of honey can be just as good.

How about making homemade soup from scratch and having a lovely bowl of hot soup to keep you toasty and warm throughout the day. If you need something more, maybe a big bowl of noodle soup with plenty of vegetables that will be warming and filling.

This time of year there are many wonderful vegetables like Pumpkins and Butternut Squash at its best and they make delicious healthy and warming soups. This is where Rocknife can help. Always useful to have a favourite go-to large sharp knife to chop up all the vegetables and ingredients needed for any soup making.

Our 6” and 8” Rocknife are ideal for cutting up vegetables such as potatoes, beef tomatoes, aubergines, pumpkins, the toughened blade has a sharpness that will last for years due to the hardness of the material. Why not try for yourself this Autumn? Use this discount code ‘cutme30’ for a super 30% off your order online.

Taske a look at our 6inch Rocknives and hope you all stay snug as a bug throughout this winter.

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