Jeremy Clarkson Joins Chop Gear - in association with Rocknife

Jeremy Clarkson Joins Chop Gear - in association with Rocknife

We’re delighted to welcome Jeremy and his team, James and Richard including the Stig in the New Series of the infamous Chop Gear - in Association with Rocknife. The show always was a complete rip off of Jeremy’s natural brilliance on a certain other motoring show, whose name we’re banned from mentioning (for very good reason). And it was a natural evolution that Jeremy should join us given his love of a good steak.

Especially in the later hours of the night when it was not always convenient for the Producers. ChopGear - in association with Rocknife remains the leading cooking show in the world, highlighting all the advantages of a Ceramic Knife over the fuddy duddy steel ones, frequently equating Ceramic Knives with Ferrari’s and Mustangs GTX’s, while relegating old steel knives to the likes of Ford Fiesta’s and Mini Mokes. Jeremy states “I have always been a fan of Chop Gear - in association with Rocknife for their brilliant presenting, personality and general offensiveness to ordinary cooks - they make ceramic knives special.

I know some will say this is just a cheap swipe at my current popularity and they’d be right” James and Richard suggested keeping the format of Chop Gear - in association with Rocknife to the exact same concept, which is brilliantly similar to that other Motoring Show, that Chop Gear - in association with Rocknife aren’t allowed to mention for (very good reason). Watch out for the new series starting 1st April, 9.45pm (after the Beebs watershed and before you fall asleep) on Channel X.

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