Time to follow Rocknife

Time to follow Rocknife

Stunning weather, exciting time ahead, it’s November - it’s time you starting following Rocknife, the makers of simply the best Ceramic Knives in the world. Fun, colourful, designer, it’s all new and we’re setting trends.

It seems that everyone who has a go with the Rocknife simply loves them, the way they glide through Tomatoes, slice through Gin and Tonic lemons, dice carrots for Sunday Lunch, it’s all heaven.

Our story so far, launched just in July of this year, we’ve made Videos, attended national and local fairs and markets, supplied shops, sent Knives to California, South Africa, France, Switzerland and Germany. It’s been busy and hectic, rewarding and a huge amount of fun.

Next, things are going to hot up for Christmas, we’ve plenty of stock, but we’re forecasting a pretty tight schedule, we don’t want to run out, but we do want to produce new ranges and new lines (all well advanced along the road).

Sure you’ll find this Blog full of recommendations on Sharpness, Hygine, quality, sturdiness, but ultimately - we just want to keep you informed of what we’re doing to make Rocknife the best Kitchen Knives available in every respect.

Added to that - we’re a story, 5 people getting together, having an idea, making it come to life, making it real, it’s a challange, but it is real, for that reason - follow us on Twitter, Facebook and this Blog… we’re going to keep you entertained, laughing and surprised.

Here’s a bit of humour to keep you going.

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