Instant Christmas - A vision of the Future.

Instant Christmas - A vision of the Future.

We love the future here at Rocknife - just do... new, modern, trendy, we like old ideas transformed in to new ways of doing things.

And Rocknives are going to be ever need more and more in any new world we might imagine.  OK so the green creds of a Ceramic Knife with a Plastic Handle are not perfect.  But occassionally there are some good uses of Plastic and a long lasting Rocknife Handle is one of the better ones.  Ceramic is of course totally green, it is a form Glass or Sand and ours are entirely mineral based with a touch of harding compound to drive it up Mohs Scale to almost Diamond hardness.

Instant Christmas of the future, imagine, the real organic Christmas Tree, in your eco-friendly house, with natual light, solar, wind or water energy, the Kitchen is fully integrated into the living area, bringing natural foods central to our diet to the centre of our lives.

There may well be a Robot doing the washing up, or a floor to ceiling video screens with the latest news and entertainment, the children will be sitting at Breakfast with their VR glasses and the dreaded AI will be governing our lives in a beautiful way.  Graceful, peaceful, inspiring, our Christmas Dinner will be a delivered, the stress and the hassle a figment of the past as much as poverty and homelessness.  Our leaders making sure we're all looked after and our doctors monitoring our health and nutrition.

And then in this surreal and delicious new world, we will wonder how we're going to slice that apple, open that present, enjoy our Christmas Pudding.  It's at that moment we will reach for our trusty Rocknife.  A Kitchen Knife of extraordinary quality and timelessness.  Everyone will have one, because no matter how sophisicated our world of the future - we'll still need to cut it open.

Oh what a future we're heading to.  Enjoy Christmas and think of what a Rocknife will do for you.

Offer of the Week a Free Cookbook 'Fire in the Kitchen' with every Set.

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