Fruity and fun!

Fruity and fun!

Spring has finally arrived, hooray! 

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some Spring sunshine where you are.

It’s definitely the season we all like to try and eat healthier, feel wonderful and fitter. 

I have noticed the huge amount of fruits available in the supermarket now, so many varieties, from exotic Papaya to sweet Mango, to locally grown Strawberries. We know that it is so good to add more fruits to our diet daily if possible for a variety of health benefits. 

All fruits contain vitamins and minerals that we need in our day to day life to stay fabulous!

They are also nutrient rich in fibre, potassium, folate, and vitamin A and C. The best way to get all the various nutrients is to eat fruits of many different colours. 

What is your favourite fruit? Melon? Banana? Or a large handful of grapes to munch on? 

Personally I love a juicy thick slice of Watermelon,  which I think is pretty perfect, especially when it is served at room temperature. It is even better now, that they produce them with much less hard seeds, only the soft pale ones that are edible. 

We have the ideal kitchen knives to help with fruity fun this Spring!

We even have beautiful funky fruity colours to match your favourite fruit, in melon lime, strawberry red, or sweet black grapes.

Rocknife has been crafted to give you the perfect dicing, slicing, chopping experience and making work easy in your kitchen. Why not try one for yourself? 

Pop over to our website 

We have some great offers on. Get fruit this Spring

All our knives and chopping boards are always handled with care and hygiene when wrapping and packing your orders, and shipped by only one person. 

Safety for everyone is our priority.

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