Free Delivery Tried and Tested

Free Delivery Tried and Tested

Many wanted it and many asked for it, we listened, we learned and we changed. Delivery is a bug bear and when you walk into a shop you don’t get lumbered with a delivery charge - so why should you on-line. We believe we should be the ones that absorb any shipping costs into our own overheads. Plus every parcel we send out is a different price, to a different destination, and with a different combination of our Ceramic Knives neatly included in every package.

The fact is delivery and shipping costs are complicated, awkward and ultimately unfair on consumers. We found we were over-charging for people just wanting one or two kitchen knives and undercharging those who were buying heaps of sets for all their friends and families. it wasn’t fair.

The solution is Free Delivery for everyone in the UK, it just cuts out the nonsense. And because we felt Free Delivery to the UK was unfair we actually also reduced all delivery costs to Europe, the USA and the rest of the world by around £5. European delivery is now around £7 (almost what our old UK delivery used to be) and the USA and Canada is just £21, it’s great value for Signed and Tracked Delivery that means you Rocknife Knives will delivery reliably and quickly. Oh - didn’t I mention that - all our delivery is 2-3 days for the UK and 5-10 days for the rest of the world. So easy!

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