Food Photographers take heed

Food Photographers take heed

I’m going to unashamedly use this gorgeous photo I found on the Internet this morning. 

Why? Because it beautifully illustrates why photographers are using Ceramic Knives for setting up their food photography shoots. Food ages fast under the photographers bright lights - it browns, hardens round the edges and loses that fresh look remarkably fast. Part of the solution is to use a Ceramic Knife, it’s all in the sharpness, the better the cut, the less damage is done to the food, the less places that juices will escape and the longer the food will last.

On top of that - the acids in food often react with the steel of a standard knife, it’s just chemistry and even though the effect is small (you can occasionally taste the tang of steel), it still happens and it makes food age faster. So photographers out there - next time you are taking photos of food and you want it all to last a bit longer, think Ceramic Knives - for a lasting fresh look to your subject mater.

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