Do you personally own a Rocknife?

Do you personally own a Rocknife?

Do you know what a Rocknife is? Rocknife are knives made from hardened Zirconium Oxide (Ceramic). They are far sharper than steel, and remain that sharp for years to come. With an eye-catching black and white cheque design on each blade, elite quality and beautiful craftsmanship, a Rocknife Ceramic Knife is essential piece of kitchenware for anyone who enjoys cooking.

“I own a really good set of ceramic knives but Rocknife beats them hands down. The weight and balance is much better. It was also quite easy to cut through tough root veg (turnip/swede) and hard cheese - considering the length of the blade (6” knife) I’ve found I’m using it for almost everything. My dad tried it and found it much easier to use than the ones he owns, because the knife is so much sharper and less pressure is needed on the handle to ensure an accurate cut.”

“I love my new Rocknife! From the moment I opened the stylish box I knew I had purchased a high quality item and this is an exceptionally sharp knife that works like a dream. Comfortable to hold and a good weight, this is now the ‘go to’ knife for all my slicing and chopping. The unique design makes it easy to spot in the drawer so you can easily pick it out and know for sure it’s a sharp knife. It arrived very quickly and branded plasters were a nice touch, which hopefully won’t be needed! I would strongly recommend this knife to anyone.”

“I LOVE this knife - it cuts beautifully, I couldn’t believe how smooth it feels. It is so sharp I haven’t struggled to cut anything so far, unlike other knives I’ve used before. The packaging is great and I received it really quickly. Would 100% recommend - I want to buy a set now!” If you would like a Rocknife of your own, we are offering a 30% discount on any size knife and on sets using the code: Cutme30 on Happy slicing and dicing!

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