Crispy Mini Spring Rolls

Crispy Mini Spring Rolls

With the warmer weather slowly, very slowly making a come back, we all want to try and eat a bit healthier and lighter meals. Maybe food that we can enjoy eating when we are outside in the sunshine or when friends come round, light delicious finger food we can enjoy sharing. A few weeks ago I posted up on social media my quick and easy crispy homemade spring rolls, and received a very good response. So I will share with you my recipe for ‘Homemade crispy spring rolls’ that you can all make at home and enjoy. It is super quick and super easy to make, and you would absolutely love eating them too.

Crispy mini spring rolls

Ingredients: Filling: Mince pork Thin rice noodles Dry black Fungus (equal measures of the above) Carrot Salt Pepper Wrapper: Square spring roll wrappers Vegetable oil for frying Soak the Fungus in warm water for a couple of hours, until they are soft and doubled in size. Soak the thin rice noodles in warm water until they are soft and easy to separate and pull apart. Grate a carrot and chop the Fungus into tiny pieces. The softened rice noodles can be trimmed down to 3-4cms In a large bowl mix the mince pork, fungus and grated carrot with salt and pepper, making sure there is plenty of seasoning.

Place a tablespoon full of the filling in to the centre of the wrapper, bring the bottom corner up first and roll tightly round the filling, then right corner followed by the left corner into the centre, firmly hold the filling and keep rolling it until the final corner meets the centre and glue it down with some cornflour dissolved in water. To fry them, gently place 3-4 pieces into a saucepan with hot oil and keep turning them until crispy and golden brown. Drained on kitchen towels. Served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce and enjoy!

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