Caring for your Rocknife

Caring for your Rocknife

At Rocknife HQ, we love receiving feedback. It is great to hear from our loyal customers about how they’re getting on, and how long you’ve been using Rocknife. We have customers who have kept their Rocknives in top condition for many years, and we are super proud of you. 

Now and then we get enquiries regarding how you can sharpen your Rocknife at home after extensive use over a few years. This is not always easy or a simple job. So we decided we would try to cover this subject in this month’s blog and explain how each of our special Rocknife is made and how best to look after them.

Whilst the ceramic we use for our blades is an incredibly hard material, much harder than steel and almost as hard as diamond. It is also brittle and can chip relatively easily just like the ceramic plates you have in your home. 

Therefore the sharp blades of our knives can become chipped by using them against granite chopping boards or a ceramic plate or even just by knocking them against other knives or cutlery for example when used in a dishwasher or in the kitchen drawer without its protective cover put back on.

This type of damage to the edge of the blade may not be visible to the naked eye but makes a huge difference to the performance of the knife.  Technically the blade itself is not 'blunt', it is chipped, and so it feels blunt when you go to use it.

Looking after your Rocknife only requires a few simple steps, these simple steps in caring for your ceramic Rocknife, these will keep them sharp for much longer. 

Each Rocknife comes with their individual protective cover, we recommend that you place them back on when storing them in the drawer. If you have a set of our Rocknife, then it’s best to place them back in the free stand that comes with each set purchased. We do not recommend Rocknife to be washed in the dishwasher, simply run your Rocknife under a tap and wipe with a cloth. It is best to cut your food on a wooden or a plastic chopping board.

We know from our own tests and experience from using Rocknife at home that our blades can maintain their original sharpness after many, many hours of cutting.

Are you taking these easy and simple steps in caring for your favourite Rocknife?

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