Can I carry a ceramic knife in the cabin baggage?

Can I carry a ceramic knife in the cabin baggage?

I’m going to give this to you straight - NO! It makes no difference what a knife is made of metal, ceramic, wood (ebony makes a nice sharp edge), you still can’t take it on a plane in your carry on baggage. But there’s no problem with checked in luggage, just put your Rocknife in to the hold and you can take it pretty much anywhere. The other solution is of course to buy your Kitchen Knives online somewhere and have them deal with the delivery, it should be no problem, here at Rocknife, even though we’ve only been going a month, have already delivered to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and we’re waiting for our first USA order. Just in case you are still thinking of taking your ceramic knives on board in the cabin a couple of warnings.

  • Ceramic knives do have traces of metal in them, so will probably still be detected by airport security.
  • If you are caught you may be in trouble for ‘try to conceal’ a weapon, it’s a serious charge and not worth the risk.
At best, you’ll be sent off to Check in your luggage. But let us know your experiences, we’d be happy to share them on this blog.

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