Black Friday - We Share Our Secrets

Black Friday - We Share Our Secrets

This time of year is just fully of Festivals, it's the sort of period between the Harvest in October and Christmas.  Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving (not a British insitution) and of course Christmas.

For sure we, at Rocknife, are bound to give offers over all these periods... not just because we're offering useful Kitchenware, but because we super proud and super keen to reward our existing customers.

But the biggest day for us is of course Black Friday - it's when things literally go whoosh and sales flood out the door.  The history of the Commercial Black Friday is not that long, but it's now a stalwart of the whole year.  A fixture if you like.

And we hope we give generous - a full 50% off on the day and then more offers over the weekend.  But one small secret we don't mind sharing. Many of our offers last longer.  i.e. the coupon code 'BLACKFRIDAY' workd right through to Monday.

Why do we do this?  Because there is nothing worse that seeing and offer and then typing it into a website to be told... 'no longer available' - far better to be a little more generous in spirit and say, 'bad luck - you'e too late - but we're nice so here's your discount'

Another secret with Rocknife special offers is that often we'll send out a direct link either by email or on Social Media.  No coupon code to fill in, no nonsense, just a straight link that will automatically be applied when you checkout.

We like this because we spent years wondering why people were buying our products and not using the discounts... we'd send out a code like 'CUTME30' and people would order, but not apply the Coupon.  Now we're please to say if you spot a link - it will fire up the special offer automatically.

One last secret to share with you in this festive period of the year when you might be present hunting for Christmas.  Discounts on a Discount.  Try it - it will not always work... But let's say you have the Loyalty coupon code WIXXMAS, it will not only give you 30% off - but also 30% off anything that might be on Sale as well... i.e. if a Set is reduced - you'll get another discount on top using this coupon code.

Always worth a try.

In short, the best deals are found if you're good enough to follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

And finally - the best deal is found if you have read this blog post in full... because that Coupon Code WIXXMAS - really will give you a discount on a discount.  Happy Festive Shopping Everyone.

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