Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Here at Rocknife we love a good deal, we also love a good steak.

Everyone has there preferred way of cooking steak, it's a very personal thing, some like it rare whilst some like it well done, there are many guides on how to achieve the perfect doneness (wow that really is a word) you can choose from Blue all the way to well done, or black.

The Blue steak or “bleu” is a French tradition where a chilled cut of beef is cooked very quickly at an extremely high temperature, just enough to lightly caramelize the outer surface but leaving the inside pink and juicy.

A black steak however is from the other end of the scale and some might say a step too far. Easily resembling the charred remnants of a drunken BBQ the Black steak is equally as popular despite its dryness and tougher mouth feel, often server with herb butter or a sauce to help lubricate is onward journey.

However you like your steak, you will love our latest, cooked to perfection deal, all our Black and Blue range of Rocknife are being served with a medium rare 30% discount and are available with a range of tasty sides such as Bamboo cutting boards. 

For this months offer we have been inspired by Black & Blue, the contemporary steakhouse based in London, So let us inspire you this month to grab yourselves a bargain. 

And as Michael Jackson once said, if you’re thinking about a Rocknife.

It don’t matter if you’re black or blue.....

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