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BBC Good Food Guide and Rocknife

Rocknife brings a whole new world of designs, style and satisfaction to your kitchen. Made from hardened Zirconium Oxide (Ceramic). Our Ceramic Knives are far sharper than steel, and remain that sharp for years to come. With eye-catching design, elite quality and beautiful craftsmanship, a Rocknife Ceramic Knife is essential piece of kitchenware for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Welcome to the Rocknife Revolution.

As an exclusive offer for BBC Good Food readers we're delighted to offer a Free 3" Rocknife of a colour of your choice for anyone placing an order for a Rocknife or Set of Rocknives of your choice. Just place your Order as normal and then use the Coupon Code GOODFOOD to get your discount. (Each discount is worth £19.95).

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There aren't really - you can order any product you like, even those on Sale or at a discount, it is our pleasure that as many people as possible benefit from this Offer, so please do share it on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere you like.

Enjoy your early Christmas Present from us at Rocknife.