3 Inch Ceramic Kitchen Knives-BLK

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Available in four colours to suit any kitchen colour scheme.


Our Black 3 Inch Ceramic Knife is the smallest in our range, yet one of the most vital. Our black Ceramic Herb Knife is suitable for chopping garlic, spring onions, cherry tomatoes or strawberries and most other berries as well. The 3-inch Ceramic Kitchen Knife is a must for any kitchen.

The ultra sharp ceramic blade is ideal for fine slicing or dicing mushrooms, cherries, grapes or any other small fruit and vegetables.

Each Ceramic Knife is carefully designed to fulfil its specific requirements. With its black soft grip handle, the 3 inch herb knife is easy to use and will not tire your hand out. Lightweight and well balanced, due to the ceramic components, the knife will not rust, nor will it leave odours on your food or react with food acids. In fact, food stays fresher for longer with a Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Knife.

Whether you want to buy a set or just need a small kitchen knife for every day use, then our 3 inch Black Ceramic Knife will suit you and your kitchen needs.

Please note: as with all our knives or bladed products, the buyer must be 18 years or over.

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